Below is a digital version of the second issue of I Am A Brewer, from the makers of Original Gravity. It is full of advice from the best, inspirational reads and genuinely useful tips for all people who work in the beer industry. 

Welcome to the second print edition of I Am A Brewer

I Am A Brewer is a community that is rooted in the generous and sharing spirit of beer. It’s about friends in the industry imparting their learnings, sharing their experiences, inspiring each other, and all for free.

I Am A Brewer is for everyone who is linked with the beer industry, whether it’s managing social media accounts, working in packaging, sales or marketing, owning breweries or managing the late shift on the brewery floor.

It’s more than just a print publication however, we also have a weekly newsletter, the ‘7 essential things you need to know about brewing this week’ (sign up at and a weekly podcast called the 10-Minute Masterclass, an inspirational and informative short burst from a world-class expert, whether that is lager making or barrel-ageing, taproom design or keg dispensing. Find it on iTunes and Spotify.

In this issue, we’re travelling around the world to discover what we can learn from abroad. We’ve dispatches from Canada and Japan, America and Belgium. We learn how British brewers are taking souring techniques and making a beer inspired in the countryside, we hear about the challenges, and great opportunities, for brewers selling into Canada and we learn how to manage social media without it managing you. But really, it’s all about one thing: people.

Daniel Neilson