Below is a digital version of the first issue of I Am A Brewer, from the makers of Original Gravity, is a print magazine, podcast, weekly newsletter and website. 

What is I Am A Brewer?

It is a celebration of brewing. The art, the skill, the technique and the business of brewing.

There are three key elements. Firstly, it’s a print magazine posted out to as many breweries as we can muster in the UK and Ontario six times a year. Secondly, it’s a weekly podcast called the 10-Minute Masterclass. It’s also a weekly newsletter snappily titled 7 Things You Need To Know About Brewing This Week. Events are being planned too.

The idea is that the words you read and hear are from those best placed in the industry worldwide, whether that is brewing lagers, using Citra, rocking social media or designing eye-catching packaging. That’s why we’ve articles from Cloudwater’s Paul Jones and beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones. It’s why we’ve interviewed Fergus Fitzgerald and Derek Prentice. We have articles about what we can learn from Irish market and why owning a brewery means a responsibility far beyond the beer.

I Am A Brewer, from the publishers of Original Gravity, is founded on the generosity of knowledge and the kindness of people in the industry. We’re all in the business of helping people drink the best beer they can. It’s about better beer for everyone and, you know what? today, anything is possible.

Daniel Neilson