PODCAST: How to avoid common problems with malt, with Carl Heron

For this episode, Daniel Neilson discusses with master brewer Carl Heron common problems and how to get over them - this includes attenuation, flavour and clarity. 

PODCAST: How to brew the best beers with fruit by Alex Wilson of Black Iris Brewery

For this episode, Adrian Tierney-Jones speaks to Alex Wilson of Black Iris Brewery about how to brew the best beers you can with fruit. 

Respect your enzymes

Carl Heron, Craft Brewing Sales Manager at Crisp Malt and Master Brewer, explains why brewers should be obsessing about enzymes.

Read issue 2 of I Am A Brewer for free

Below is a digital version of the second issue of I Am A Brewer, from the makers of Original Gravity. It is full of advice from the best, inspirational reads and genuinely useful tips for all people who work in the beer industry. 

PODCAST: 10-Minute Masterclass with Phil Lowry of Simply Hops

For this episode of the 10-Minute Masterclass from I Am A Brewer, Daniel Neilson speaks to Phil Lowry of Simply Hops about how to make sure you’ve always got enough hops, what to substitute in when you do need more and how to design beers around your hops. 

Why we drink what we drink

Why We Drink What We Drink It may not be for the reasons what you think. North American writer Stephen Beaumont looks at the psychology behind our choices, and what that means for brewers.

PODCAST: 10-Minute Masterclass with John Bryan of Oakham Ales

For this episode, beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones speaks to John Bryan of Oakham Ales about, yep, his love of Citra. He describes how to squeeze the most of it and the feeling of first finding this hop.

PODCAST: 10-Minute Masterclass with Quiònia Pujol of La Vilot

For this episode, Stephen Beaumont went to Catalonia to visit La Vilot brewery where they produce everything they need for beer themselves. Stephen Beaumont talks to brewer Quiònia Pujol about this remarkable project. 

PODCAST: 10-Minute Masterclass with Dr David Griggs of Crisp Malt

For this episode, we headed to Norfolk to talk about heritage malts, and how they can make your beer taste amazing, with Crisp Malt's Technical Director Dr David Griggs. 

How to get your beer stocked

Tim Peyton, Retail Manager at Real Ale, manages shops in Twickenham and Maida Vale. With a retail experience, he shares his top tips for breweries selling beers to shops.

PODCAST: 10-Minute Masterclass with Evin O’Riordain of The Kernel

For this episode beer writer Adrian Tierney Jones talks to The Kernel’s Evin O'Riordain about how he approaches mixed fermentation beers – it’s utterly fascinating as you’d expect