PODCAST: 10-Minute Masterclass with Dr David Griggs of Crisp Malt

For this episode, we headed to Norfolk to talk about heritage malts, and how they can make your beer taste amazing, with Crisp Malt’s Technical Director Dr David Griggs. 

Hello, and welcome to the 10-Minute Masterclass from I Am A Brewer. I’m Daniel Neilson and for this episode, we headed up to Norfolk to speak to Dr David Griggs, the technical director of Crisp Malt. In it, we spoke about how to improve your beer by using heritage malts.

This episode of the 10 Minute Masterclass is brought to you by Crisp Malt which has lived and breathed malting since 1870. They combine traditional and modern techniques to create an impressive range of malted and non-malted products, including several unique and exclusive barley malts.

Next week, we’re heading to Catalonia to hear a remarkable story from Quiònia Pujol who is a brewer at Lo Vilot that grows its own malt, hops and yeast, completing the whole process.