Podcast Ep1: 10-Minute Masterclass with Derek Prentice

The 10-Minute Masterclass is a weekly blast of information and inspiration by someone at the top of their game in their field. This week Adrian Tierney-Jones speaks to cask master Derek Prentice 

Hello, and welcome to the first ever 10-Minute Masterclass from I Am A Brewer. To kick us off, we have beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones has a chat over a pint with Derek Prentice, a master of cask beers who has had a long history with breweries including Trumans, and now at Wimbledon Brewery making some of best cask beers in Britain. Here he explains why cask was always his first love, the problems it can have and how to get the best practice in cask brewing.

This episode of the 10-Minute Masterclass is brought to you by Crisp Malt which has lived and breathed malting since 1870. They combine traditional and modern techniques to create an impressive range of malted and non-malted products, including several unique and exclusive barley malts.